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Opinions and feedback matter. Our customers' safety and satisfaction are our highest goals, and we always hope that their satisfaction with our work will are reflected in their reviews and comments. If a customer is ever dissatisfied, we always hope they'll give us a chance to make it right, because they deserve no less than that.

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Licensed, Insured and Bonded

While it's perfectly legal to offer unlicensed electrical work here in Arizona, we strongly encourage people to have a licensed electrician do their electrical work. Permits, building codes, and inspections play a significant role in providing for the safety of homes and businesses.  In the event of an issue with the wiring, the quality any work done by a licensed electrician will not come into question. We also protect you and ourselves by having insurance and a bond.

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There is a difference between a person who has been 'doing a job for twenty years' and a professional who has made it a point to become a skilled craftsman. Whether the job is done right or just 'done' may not appear to be different things to an unknowing customer, but we will know, and that is incentive enough to give every job our highest professional expertise.

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